Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Listen to you later

Unbekannte haben in Berlin verschiedene Apparate installiert, die auf Tastendruck Soundschnipsel abspielen. Die gehörten Klänge beziehen sich dabei immer auf Ereignisse, die an diesem Ort vorher passiert waren.

Gesehen bei rebel:art
"Watching a movie without sound makes it less convincing and less intense. The world is a movie with lots of sounds, some of them living some of them dead. But you can find their silent remains as traces of smell, dirt, forgotten objects or just certain atmospheres almost everywhere.
We are bringing back the soundtrack of these lingering traces, generating an option for everyone to dive right back into the moment where they emerged from an action.
The sound tag is fixed right on the trace and if you push it it will play the sound of whatever happened there.
The Video was shot in Berlin."

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