Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Autobahn - Tapewriter

"Tapewriter" von Autobahn aus den Niederlanden. Autobahn wurde gegründet von Maarten Dullemeijer und Rob Stolte. Bei dieser Aktion geht es Ihnen wie immer um Typographie, dieses Mal erstellt mit schwarzem Isolierband auf Zäunen. 

Autobahn: "The width of a roll of duct tape, being the ‘writing material’, perfectly matches with the space between two bars of this cage construction. The idea behind the font is that anyone who is in possession of a roll of tape can present his or her message to the world."

Der Text oben ist den älteren Computer - Nerds gut bekannt. "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" ist ein Pangramm und enthält alle Buchstaben des Alphabets. Sowas ist immer gut zur Hand, wenn man neue Schriftarten oder Drucker testet. Sonst textet Autobahn noch "What are you looking at?" und "You`re not my type."

Mehr über Tapewriter gibt es bei Behance.

Autobahn: "Autobahn is all about creative concepts and clear design. Materials and (typo)graphic techniques play an important role in our designs. We don’t use eye candy as our starting point, because we rather put our faith in the strength of good ideas. To develop these ideas, we discuss and investigate the project with you to set out a strategy together. A fertile collaboration not only leads to convincing results, but also generates inspiration and fun."
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Freitag, 25. Mai 2012

Sebastian Errazuriz - Wall Street Nation

"Wall Street Nation". Designer und Künstler Sebastian Errazuriz bei einer Street Art Aktion, in der er Begrenzungslinien in Dollarzeichen verwandelt, in dem er mit einem Farbroller ein "S" darüber malt.

Sebastian bei Mocoloco:
"The goal is to express the fear and impotence that people are currently experiencing while seeing the growing greed that is transforming the way we live."I'm afraid greed is rapidly changing life as we know it (...) It's all spiraling out of control; greed is taking over and people are loosing all sense of proportion and justice."

Mocoloco - Wall Street Nation by Sebastian Errazuriz 
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Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Isaac Cordal - Cement Bleak

Street Art Installation "Cement Bleak" von Isaac Cordal. Cordal benutzt ein von Hand gestaltetes Sieb aus der Küche ("Household Sieve"), um Portraits mit Schatten auf Beton zu malen.

Isaac Cordal: "Urban installation projecting shadows with public lights in Dalston, London.
Faces modeled on grid of several colanders projecting their shadows on the pavement. Main idea is to try to make larger projections drawings with public light resources."
Hackschnitzel - Street Art: Isaac Cordal - Mini-Skulpturen

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No brain

"No Brain", Street Art in Hamburg.

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Lego Spray Can

Sprühdose aus Lego. Nuff said.

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Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Montag, 14. Mai 2012

Aroe - Beastie Boys Mural

AROE FOR MCA (R.I.P.) - "Rest in Peace, MCA".

Fettes Mural von AROE aus Brighton (UK) nach einem Plattencover der Beastie Boys. Das Mural zu Ehren des gerade verstorbenen MCA (Adam Yauch) ist 3,65m x 19,50m gross.

Unbedingt das Original bei Revok1 anschauen.

Beastie - Adam Yauch - 1964 - 2012
Hackschnitzel - Street Art: Planet der Affen - Ape Street Art (mit Aroe)

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"Regenbogen auf Öltank " aka Rainbow Swash, an einem Highway in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). Kein Vandalismus, sondern das grösste gecopyrightete Kunstwerk der Welt.

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Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

Ztohoven - Traffic Lights

"Czech artist Roman Tyc (David Hons), member of the guerilla art group Ztohoven, replaced 48 traffic lights in Prague by amending the standard red and green figures to show them in situations such as drinking, urinating and being hanged, as well as more benign ones such as a man walking his dog."

Hackschnitzel - Street Art: Ztohoven 
Hackschnitzel - Individualverkehr

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Montag, 7. Mai 2012

Enfant Terrible - Improving the city

Yarn Bombing von Enfant Terrible (Improve your city) im Paul-Diehl-Park, München. Schön auch der Slogan: "All you knit is love"...

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Push to add drama

Mediahascookies: "The TV Channel TNT recently launched in Belgium. As part of the debut, TNT set up a giant red button in the middle of a sleepy Belgian town square with a giant sign reading “Push To Add Drama” above it. Those who did push the button received a big surprise…."

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Dr. Hedgehog

Dr. A. Hedgeh: "FAO: whomever keeps adding `og` to the end of my doorsign. STOP IT. Dr. Hedgeh."

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Samstag, 5. Mai 2012