Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Above - Rise above my fears

Stencil "Rise above my fears" von Above in Madrid (Spanien). Interessant ist die Geschichte der Entstehung, denn Above hat nach dem passenden Kabel für seinen Seiltänzer ganze neun Monate lang gesucht:

Above dazu bei Neatorama:
"it might sound weird to most people but similar to a burglar
waiting and observing a spot for a future hit,
i had been searching the streets for over 9-months for this type of wire setup.

kinda strange how such a simple wire can bring so much excitement to a person.
this "hit" had the foundation laid and with the correct timing
i climbed up a ladder repeatedly a total of 11-times
each with a new layer to make this piece complete."
Gesehen bei Neatorama

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