Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Politische Street Art in Bogota

DJ Lu, Casino Machine, Bogota.
"Nadie Gana - Everyone looses"

Auf gibt es einen sehr interessanten Bericht über politische Street Art in Bogota.
Motto: "In Bogota, can we hope walls will fight violence?". Lesenswert.
"In Tragaperras, DJ Lu embodies war as a casino machine. The text reads no matter how you play, “nadie gana/everyone loses”. His use of casino imagery shows that war is a game that produces profits for a handful of elites — the capitalists, imperialists, politicians, and bureaucrats — while cultivating suffering and death for ordinary people. Tragaperras shows “the relationship between fighting wars and playing games, the manner in which a conflict is absurdly driven by hidden interests –– a game in which we all lose”."
Fatcap - Street art politics in bogota

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