Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

Black Locust Movement

Die Guerilla-Art-Gruppe "Black Locust Movement" hat heimlich hunderte von Bäumen um die Gebäude von Vattenfall in Berlin sowie das Kraftwerk Jänschwalde gepflanzt. Die Guerilla-Gardening-Aktion soll als Zeichen gegen die "destruktive und gefährliche Kohleverstromung in Deutschland" verstanden werden.
"Under our shade grow ruins

You have probably never noticed us before. We are not what you thought. Yet we are here.
We like the city. We live in backyards, in parks, on waste land. We share your streets as you share our soil, you breathe in what we breathe out, what is ours is yours.
But we don’t respect your borders, your plans, your property. Our roots rise from unexpected places, spreading, sprouting - searching for the weak spots in your asphalt roads, your basement bunkers and your pretty stone monuments. We overcome your obstacles, carve through your concrete, fracture your foundations. You probably read about rhizomes and think they’re a neat concept, just wait until one of us cracks the ground beneath your feet.

We grow faster than you could even imagine, generating black-barked skyscrapers with sweet flowers and fruit so beautiful they can kill. Our youth’s sharp thorns tear skin, our seeds are our weapon. Our fire burns long - in fact we almost like to be burnt because it makes us stronger. If instead of fighting us you work with us, we will share that strength with you.
You might think that we are speaking metaphorically. We are trees, we know no metaphors. There is only one thing we know: life. And we want to live.

We are Robinia pseudoacacia, the Black Locust. Who are you?"
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