Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011

My street has no trees

Die Initiative "My street has no trees" (MSHNT) bepflanzt Strassen in Toronto, Kanada, in denen Bäume fehlen. Ihre Mikro-Gärten installieren die Aktivisten unter anderem auf verlassenen Fahrradständern.
 Gesehen bei Wooster Collective
"My Street Has No Trees (MSHNT) is a public and participatory installation that utilizes the vestigial design of Toronto’s Post and Ring bike stands as armatures for micro-gardens. The intent of the project is to raise awareness about the imbalance between the hardscapes and softscapes of our streets, to encourage people to think critically about the transformative possibilities of our everyday environments, and to increase the beauty and joy of our neighbourhoods."

"Together we made around 40 planters which are are now installed mainly along King Street between University and John and around St Lawrence Market. As a tribute to Jack Layton's legacy and the work he's done to make Toronto more bike-friendly, all the recently installed planters have orange ribbons tied around their tops. "

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