Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2011

Joe Nelson - Police Brutality Coloring Book

"Police Brutality Coloring Book" von Joe 'Heaps' Nelson, Foto von Wired.

Nach einer Idee von Joe 'Heaps' Nelson haben 46 Künstler Bilder für das "Police Brutality Coloring Book" zusammengestellt. Mit dabei sind unter anderem Bilder von Shepard Fairey, Steve Ellis und Trustocorp. Nelson reagiert damit auf einen Polizeiübergriff auf eine Freundin.
Wired: "The result is a photocopied, saddle-stitched book, with artwork ranging from crude sketches to fine illustrative art — most of which is conducive to coloring, some of which isn’t. Nelson describes it as “basically a punk-rock ‘zine, like what I used to do in the ’80s.” (...)

Nelson admits that publishing the contributions as a coloring book could be seen as “silly,” but Fairey, who has been subjected to police brutality himself, said during a phone interview with Wired.com that “the coloring book idea is great because it should be such a sweet, kid-friendly format, but when you’re dealing with a subject as serious as police brutality, the irony sort of heightens the effect.”

Fairey has been arrested 16 times while making street art, and in 2003 was beaten by police after he had given himself up and was already handcuffed. The artist, who is diabetic, said that on three occasions he was detained for 36 hours or more without access to insulin."
Gesehen bei Kotzendes Einhorn und Wired

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