Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

Glow Graffiti - Paint with light

"Glow Graffiti" - eine UV-Lampe in Form einer Sprühdose. Nettes Tool für Fotos von Licht-Graffiti, zu kaufen bei

Each kit contains a large sheet (70cm x 70cm) of glow in the dark material along with a UV (or blacklight) torch in the shape of a spray-paint can.

Shining the torch onto the material for only a moment will super-charge the glow in the dark material and make that area glow brightly. Move the can closer to the material to make brighter smaller point and further away to make a wider gentler glow.

The glow slowly fades away over time leaving you with a blank canvas ready for your next masterpeice!."

Gesehen bei Urbanshit, Kotzendes Eichhorn

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