Samstag, 12. November 2011

Graffiti legend was also an NYPD cop

Der Ex-NYPD Cop Steven Weinberg (43) wurde als Graffiti Writer NEO von der NOG CREW entlarvt.  Weinberg gibt an, dass er seit 1979 Graffiti malt und 1995 in das NYPD aufgenommen wurde, dass er 2001 wieder verlassen hat. 10 Jahre später hat er sich unter anderem auf seinem Myspace Account verplappert...
“Once I got caught ‘racking’ [stealing] paint and maced the employees so that I could get away,” he recalled. “It was a good plan at the time, until the cops came, and maced me with two cans of the stuff.”
“Climbing on rooftops, swinging from elevated platforms, and almost getting hit by trains pulling out, is what I call fun,” he said.

Schlagzeile: "Graffiti legend was also an NYPD cop".

New York Post - "Retired NYPD officer tagged as graffiti vandal Neo"

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