Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

Roger Gastman - The Cans

 Fotos von Trendhunter, Bilder von Roger Gastman

Fotoarbeit von Roger Gastman mit dem Titel "The Cans", in dem er seine Werkzeuge ablichtet. Zu sehen bei Trendhunter unter der Rubrik "Tools of criminal mischief".

Mehr Bilder davon nach dem Klick.  

Trendhunter: "Roger Gastman current series of photos entitled “The Cans” captures the inherent beauty of the primary tool used to create street art: spray paint cans. The three-print series was created to be an accompaniment to Gastman’s recently released book “Tools of Criminal Mischief.”

Roger Gastman prints are hot off the heels of being featured in MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibit. The series turns cans into an aesthetic object and allows the viewer to escape and imagine the where the cans have been. Great series that will certainly be admired by street art enthusiasts."
Gesehen bei Trendhunter

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