Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

Dokumentation: Bombin (1987)

Die 1987er Dokumentation "Bombin" von Dick Fontaine gibt es nun bei Google Video. Der 60-minütige Film ist von BBC und Channel4 produziert. Mit dabei: Goldie, 3D (Massive Attack), MODE2, Chrome Angels und Brim Fuentes (Tats Cru).

IMDB: "The film incidentally captures some of the earliest footage of significant UK protagonists such as Goldie and a pre Massive Attack 3D (not his finest hour here), as well as a noticeably limited Mode 2 and the Chrome Angels appearance at the Birmingham wall commission. However it is debatable that the producers pushed their own inclinations towards ethnicity and Graffiti here, with their focus on Goldie and Brim. It makes for interesting viewing but considering the well documented fact that the culture transcended ethnic barriers in New York and beyond, it can be held up as a particular flaw."

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